Rick Trevino Looking for the Light Lyrics

When I was young I was frightened by shadow monsters on my walls
I was convinced they would get me in the dark if I slept at all
I knew she was there in her bedroom, so I'd tiptoe down the hall
Lay my head on the floor and try to see under her door
I was looking for the light
When it was on, I knew everything was all right
Before I could knock she'd open the door,
and I'd look up and see that smile
She always knew when I was looking for the light
At 19 I had all the answers, thought I could make it on my own
As we were packing she said,
"Don't ever forget, this is always your home"
Soon I found a one room apartment
Has monsters of it's own
So sometimes late at night I'd drive by that old house
I stood there filled with fear, as she was passing away
They said, "She can't hear you now, all we can do is pray."
As I squeezed her hand, she opened her eyes
Smiled for me one last time
She always knew
When I was looking for the light

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