Gorerotted 02 - pain as a prelude to death Lyrics

Misspent time lavished with prime-evil
Unable to escape, exhaled in black
The breaking of chains, saliva in stain
Developing need, l___rous disdain
Skinless and warm the corpse is endowed
Defiled in sin as the craving allows
Tissues become Morpheus creation
Blistering and black as the bile floods out

Skin soaked with you, blood encrusted and reduced
Torn into shreds all your expressions are gone
Loosening my grip vile gasses emit
Moulding you into my necro-art
A fecal feast of intestinal fortitude
Gut walls give way with a desperate choke
Feeding the freak, a blood splattered chest
The climax controls and the appendages contort

Killing to become your god
Now that I've become your god
Killing to become your god
So I've become your god

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