Souljahz Same Ol' Game Lyrics

Yo, this goes out to all my wild style ladies
Respect yourselves and stop pumpin' out babies
And also to my brothers who keep thinkin' they're men
Yet it seems to me they're actin' more like
man's best friend
Yo, I never knew that I would write this like
But if my Father's the light than I inherit brightness
We all people; black, white or brown we all equal
Livin' the same world waiting for the sequel
I write what my heart speaks through my pen leaks
Like women, never put no man in place of God
'cause then you're sinnin'
And you know how hard it is for us to repent, I've been sent
To Tell y'all just exactly what God meant,
when he quoted scripture
Write it down take a picture, so you could take it witcha

Why we always get caught up playin'
that same ol' game.
Still playin' that same ol' game, still playin
that same ol' game.
All aboard the train, we're leavin' tonight.
Gonna set things straight, gonna make
everything alright yeah

The thing that I do would only take a king to peruse
Never flirtin' with the physical only my mind and mental
This world, an instrumental, my life became the pencil,
The paper is the days that gone by.
I write with inspiration, with love for every nation.
Yes, the hypnotic, Portuguese, Neurotic
From a land where they understand a man is symbolic
The soul's really what controls where everybody started
And where everybody's going to and up
Got lost in the dark because you didn't care enough
About the light, a vision that persuades me to write
A vision that persuades me to keep it shining
bright for the Lord
Never go no where without my sword
This train could leave at anytime y'all better all aboard
Whether livin' day to day, or livin' heart to heart beat
A true Souljah suffers agony but never sees defeat

A yo, we all roll the dice in the game of life
Father forgive me for my sins even when I did 'em twice.
Even when I did 'em 3 times, the 4th and the 5th
Never through I'd be the one you'd blessed with the gift
And I'm overwhelmed by it, but I must admit
That every time I grab the mic I never hesitate to spit
And if you wanna test God then do it
'm just gonna warn you son, I been through it
And to my fine ladies, how you doin'?
Open your eyes and your mind what you doin'?
give it up at such a young age
why you ruin yo life?
all you wanted to be was a wife and blew it
and now you stuck with
three children, baby bottles and
strollers too, and never thought
dirty diapers would smell the way they do
and high school was cool
until you got played for the fool
tryin to study for class
with a screamin baby burpin up all over you

Why we always get caught up playin
that same ol' game
still playin that same ol' game
still playin that same ol' game
all aboard the train, we're leavin tonight
leavin tonight yeah

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