Gorerotted 06 - dead drunk.mp3 Lyrics

Got me dead drunk

Shaking, sweating, smelling death
Ethanol venom on my breath
Wake up each day to feel this pain
Looks like Ive done the bad thing again
God I loved that girl next door
But she got me spilling on the floor
Opened my face like rotting vines
A scent so sweet like blood divine
We only thought wed had a few
And couldn't think of nothing else to do
With dutch courage and devilish charm
I thought that I could twist her arm
She got me naked in the bath
And cracked my head upon the heart
Dragged me out and wrapped me up
Buried me deep, left me there to rot

Clawing through the soil, gagging for fresh air
Hallucinating life, lost in my despair
Escaping at last from my subterranean pit
A pounding head, a mouth tasting of s___
The demons taunt, encouraging me to feed
To search the streets for the poison I need
Carnage hits me hard as I stumble through
The panic stricken town
Terror all around as bodies scramble
To get it necked and hold it down

Couldn't wait for the weekend, ready to hit the town
But I met a very bitter end when she cold heartedly beat me down
No longer human, a salvating monster, the beast within unleashed
Bursting through beating doors reaching for my liquid feast
Head tilted back throat opened up, the lowest of all men
Feel the change as my strength returns doing the dance of destruction again

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