Hollywood Undead Turn of the lights Lyrics

Jeffree Star:
This is Jeffree f___in' Star
and this is a big f___ YOU to all you jealous b____es,

that get mad that I'm f___ing your boyfriends..
An don't get mad that they suck my d___..
an then they make out with you after.. HOE!!
Tha Producer:
Girl your b___ies look real nice to me tonight
Let's have a pillow fight, I know you're tight
Thats when we turn off the lights
Girl if you're from orange county I'll f___ you right

and I think J-dog might, If I'm nice
Thats when we turn off the lights
I be the J to the D, girls call from OC what are you
I'll f___ you in your new Denali!
What a change.. cuz I f___ girls in alleys.. behind
the Beauty Bar,
lets see how far we can go on a s__ual safari
I got a d___ like Kareem Abdul-Jabari
Now lets pray, go all the way,
your boyfriends gay, got his truck raised.. ain't I
Hey Shady.. (what?) let's have a pillow fight..
I'm a s__ robot sent back from the f___ing future
Charlie Scene:
I'm like the Brad Pitt of scene movies
Take off that shirt and let me see them B b___ies
I like C b___ies, D b___ies, Z b___ies..
sad b___ies, mad b___ies, clean b___ies, mean b___ies

I get p___ed when the haters try and c___ block
I get drunk an touch Tila in her hot spot
It's Charlie Scene, let me drink from your flask,
put on my mask and f___ you in the a__
Hey Charlie, how many girls you takin' home tonight?
My d___s sinned so much it should be crucified like
Jesus Christ
BEEP BEEP hey, you girls need a ride? GET INSIDE!
I pull out my skin sword on the dance floor
rub it on your b___ cheeks and watch it transform
Or I'll do the Michael Jackson and I'mo RAPE YOU!
Hey what is that? Is that a guy or a girl?
Jeffree Star:
Shut the f___ up, you want me..
b____es get mad that I swallow more c__ than they can

Wanna give me a hand? Cuz I'll deep throat your dad
Then he'll c__ on my face.. before I go on MySpace
An every guy wants my lipstick smeared on his nutsac
Let's play Barbie and shove Ken's d___ in my a__..
Or you can be R. Kelly an pee on me
Just don't get it on my plastic surgery
And then I'll beat you like I did that b____ Stevie
You think that's funny?
Watch me eat Forbidden's fat p____..
Jeffree Star ad libs over chorus:
f___ing c___.. lick my p____.. f___ing c___.. eat me
out b____!
Lick my p____.. sit on my face daddy... f__GOT!

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