Brotha Lynch Hung Season Of Da Sicc Lyrics

Hit the dank and took my glock off lock, and off
To the 21st blocc, I'm rollin in a drop top
Three for zero that black criminal mac mac n____
That pap! pap! me hittin a couple of rounds
And while I test him, hey f___ a Smith & Wesson
I got my, nine at my chest and I got my dime bag
Of stress weed, a 40 oz. of OE and I'm creepin
Up on some n____s in a mob and a n____ claimin OG,
Pap! hit him in that dome and it was that n____'s worst
Put him on the ground wit a brain, full o' dem nine slugs
So wrap that n____ up, put him in a hearse
And I'm hittin 50, right around that curb, tight,
Rollin up in a 64, 4 doors sideways to the next light (YOU KNOW)
An I hit that corner of 24 street, some n____ mean mugging
Lynch, and I pop in a clip and I'm not finna get got,
I'ma shoot before I'm shot for the fact I'm B-U-Double D-E-D
I'm reaching up in my glove box, for the welfare weed
That's fillin a n____'s siccness so I miss dead bodies
In an, oldsmobile, up on the curb and while I'm skirtin
Pass the view wit an empty 9 and some bourbon (riiight)
I just adjust to the fact that n____s aint got no hope
I'm fillin em up with 16s, and letting em know


It's either that die, or that sickness, and it's the n____ that n____ that
One you come see, with that 9 millimeter meter watch them 9 millimeter meat
Wikkihdie come, Wikkihtah come, Wikkihtah come, Wikkihtah E-drop, styling,
If I don't get you with me nina then me, use 3,18's,off that n____
minded who finned do Without them gun shell, firing, for* them don't know me when me high off them doja* killa weed, me take-a me nine millimeter nine, And me blastin*, enemy for the die, cuz of dat siccness in crea......
..ated by and them say

Load up that nina* I'm finna finna go pull
Them no dubbin up that nina cut them in half with some of them
Ripgut, quality, for the fundamental cannibalism
Got them black enemy runnin in and when them,
Sickness kick in a million, baby dying, buck!

Hit em with my G like every day, n____,
From the creek to the Garden Blocc,
I was creepin from the double dead red till all the drama stop,
And 50 150 is all that shouldn't even be on a n____s list
Cuz since for the f___in with I've been crazy times 6 charging in '66 and um,
n____s cant see my folk when I dump them .44 slugs all down they throat
It takes one time, all night, to peel your tonsols
From the phone post, you know,
All up in the cut with the real deuce deuce four love I got
But you know that n____ from the creek so peep at what this trigger got
Come follow me sin, come quick cuz I'm bustin all up on your, blocc
Shakin up yo nuts like dice deuce four in the don't strike twice
Them gon all go say "oh" about 44 times till so,
Much later than you go, better off dead, but n____ instead
That I let your mama know, she might wanna follow this Fahlivum s___
Cuz a n____ wont last much longer, with wraps in the cut
Chewin all on your nuts like my n____ Jeffrey Dahlmer,
Cant load that s___ that sickness gets me harder than a corpse
Till I reach for the greeds that n____ start jackin off until it hurts
Swallow my s___ so thick this n____ run loccs up on you almost daily
For the digs then I'm off d___ grow soft with lynch I'm chewin up babies
We gonna stay sicc, for the crazy run em up gospel s___ kicks in
It's the n____ named 6 with the locc to the brain style fix
Eatin up your dead skin

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