Boom Boom Kid / Hard - Ons Trouble - Trouble Lyrics

Trouble, trouble, I'm a backflip bunny
Trouble, trouble, I should slow our learning
Easy, easy, won't you take a seat now
You take news like I take?

By the way - I don't have your money

Have you seen that girl that keeps on whispering
She's so pretty, you saw my heart missing
Squeezy, squeezy wound me all tick tock now
Once again I think you've cloned my mind now

By the way - I don't have your money

I like what you do to me
Summer days in front of me

It's been a long while since I saw you out back
There's some tables and chairs and a hard leather rack
There's a glass of water her mouth has been
Had to carry a cross made entirely of dreams
I squeezed real hard just to prove my own strength
An oily old sea and a picturesque house
It's a crazy pack I could see the alarm
Cause you know those folks don't like to be seen
On an empty stomach i jumped in blind
Hanging with ... that are just their kind
It's a figure of speech to admit you're clean
With a haughty face and a p___ in the stream

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