Neuraxis Monitoring The Mind Lyrics

Center of all things and beings
As a creator, as a controller
Lastly as an infinite upholder
Dawns upon mankind
Once supreme ambition, just one consuming desire that is to become
As they are in their spheres of supremacy
This attainment is the certain way of all progress
Achieve this destiny in all that pertains
Replete in their sphere of infinity and eternity
Refuse to coerce or compel (the submission of the free wills)
Once becoming truly conscious, discover the majestic and indwelling presence of the controller
Accordance with enlightenment, accordance with the method
Infinitely more than reality idealized
Merely a concept, potential of righteousness
Not a synonym for nature
Natural laws personified
A transcendent reality...
Concept of supreme values
Not a focalization of spiritual meanings
Reasonable to logic, plausible to philosophy
Essential to beliefs, indispensable to any hope for survival

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