Loosegoats Traveller Lyrics

live with me liver and die with that dire
holding beholder tonight
wrap me in willing rememberance
thrilling, ambivalence killing the light

traveller, i jurnied for the truth in her
- abandoned it in tire
Wayfairer, the living got the best of her
all those little eyes

those dim eyes, those demised

branded by failures while tripping on saviours
may no love be labored with spite
granted a chance to recall what i did do
even though i knew of respite

Mayflyer, passed through me just a week after
the traveller took to ride
Perjurer, my love for lover projected her
she conjured me with eyes

those dim eyes, those d___ lies
those dim eyes, those demised

Follower, won't make the same mistakes with her
and bestow myself at last
onto her i do- for, with and easier
and never see the past

in those dim eyes, in those dim eyes

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