Ida Thank You Lyrics

A sullen spent seven years
Scraping love from the dust that covers your fingerprints
I sit around and watch the splintering
Of a trust that I never seemed to have a hand in
Well maybe it's true I'm barely there
So easily mistaken for your favorite chair
Like a perfect and graceful fading

Well I thank you
For giving me nothing
'cause who could be a witness
Who could have the patience
You like to sit there in it
Privileged and indifferent

You never come around to see my side
So i don't get to tell you that I'm doing fine
Monday comes, and Monday goes
You're my faithful, stand-by no show

'cause who could tell the story
Sit down and read it to me
Who'd reveal their memories
Be the first to say
Yeah I do see you when you're looking down
Pages scattered on the ground
You're the one who tore them out
You're the one who tore them out

Yeah I do see you
Right through
And it feels too soon to leave you
Leave you

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