Decrepit Birth Condemned To Nothingness Lyrics

Formed a race of carbon to crush the souls of man.
A more perfect structure, one of greater thought.
Bestowed by the creator, betrayal of our lives
They bring fourth disease upon our mortal grounds,
The earth bleeds fire.
Our service to him is not suitable, for his spirit to endure everlasting.

They have come to banish, into thought, our weakened souls.

To rid him, of his mind, of our plague, nothingness
Things once familiar are now nothing. We are now nothing.
Life within a life, physically...

Our nothingness, breeds their servitude.

To an aging god, fearing death, envious of mans free will.
In selfishness he condemns mans consciousness through his creation

God incarnate a vicarious union to reclaim his omnipotence
Self imposed through his vanity. The eras of vengeance return.
Restructure of the trinity,
Thought in spirit, image of god, god the flesh

Having no sense of their perdition man becomes the source.
Physical metamorphosis of man,
Channeling energies of potential into light provides him life.

Understanding that they are bound... eternal
Never to achieve secrets of time, infinity. Answers, unknown
The spiritual realm, is condemned within the mental doors of his mind. The heavens can live on through our torment.

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