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古巨基 飄流教室
Μαρία Φαραντούρη Μιλώ
陳綺貞 慢歌三
古巨基 鐵男
Of Montreal Doing Nothing
Γαλάνη Δήμητρα Μη με προδώσεις
Windstruck OST - Youme Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Of Montreal My, What a Strange Day With a Swede
Breaking Benjamin Forever (bonus track)
Finger 11 Stay and Drown
Los Ratones Paranóicos El Vampiro
The Gourds A Few Extra Kilos
Los Ratones Paranóicos Juana de Arco
El Tri el viagra
Hawthorne Hights Saying Sorry
Pizzicato Five Let's Be Adult
Syd Dammit (Blink 182 cover)
gillberto Não Chore Mias
Gillman Resistire - Tema Ext
Original Soundtrack Back In My Baby's Arms - Patsy Cline
9voltpenpal UFO wants to watch TV
Camera Silens Pour La Gloire
Don Omar Ft. Gilberto Sta Rosa Los Hombres No Tienen La Culpa
Los Ratones Paranóicos Rock del gato
陳綺貞 雨天的尾巴(滬尾小情歌)
The Doors Soul Kitchen (live)
Angelico Vieira Bailarina
Juniors El Amor
Grigoris Bithikotsis & Horodia Μέσα στα μαύρα σου μαλλιά
Papelucho Vagabundo Profundo
Kim Ah Jung beautiful girl
Jerry Garcia Loser
Γρηγόρης Μπιθικώτσης Μέσα Σε Κήπο
Isabelle Boulay & Johnny Halliday Tout au bout de nos peines
Debbie Gibson Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words)
All-Star United Tenderness
Μαρία Φαραντούρη Ήταν 18 Νοέμβρη
Dark Lotus 04 - I Hurt Myself
古巨基 純真傳說
GILLMAN Children of the grave
陳綺貞 躺在你的衣櫃-Guitar
Geto Boys Mind Playin' Tricks on Me
Los Piojos Amores de Perros
D-Tecnolife Uverworld
Jump, Little Children Say Goodnight
Ulver Proverbs of Hell
Luny & Nales Ft. Daddy Yankee & Wisin Our Love is Over
Mecano Musical Me cole en una fiesta
La Inconforme Vs Calle 13 Remix
陳奕迅 红玫瑰
Justin Timberlake Until The End Of Time (Ft. The Benjamon Wright Orchestra)
陳綺貞 會不會
Cathedral Nightmare Castle
陳奕迅 快乐男生
13 Yo Traigo La Semilla
The White Stripes We´re going to be friends
古巨基 輪流轉
古巨基 - 夢中人
古巨基 明星
17 En Este Viaje
Sinergia Sinergia
陳奕迅 月黑风高
G-Unit Hate It Or Love It Remix
Elvis You'll Never Walk Alone
Serj Tankian Toni Iommi (feat Serj Tankian ) - Patterns
Bryndis Te Esperare
The Toy Dolls Neville Is A Nerd
Luka Bloom Cool Breeze
Luka Bloom Don't Be So Hard on Yourself
Luka Bloom Forgiveness
Ultrasónicas Monstruo Verde
陳奕迅 爱情转移
Luka Bloom Rainbow Warrior
古巨基 還是覺得你最好
Luka Bloom The Hungry Ghost
Luka Bloom The Shape of Love to Come
陳奕迅 好久不见
陳綺貞 慢歌3
古巨基 當年情
古巨基 甜蜜蜜
Run D.M.C. The King's (Degeneration x)
陳奕迅 爱是一本书
陳奕迅 第一个雅皮士
The Lords of Acid Lover 'Cake Mix'
Silvio Rodríguez El Día Feliz Que Está Llegando
Aslyn Just Enough
Roma Murni charicha
ÁÖÒ»·å By My Side
陳奕迅 月球上的人 (广东)
Keane Closer
Celtic Christmas Snow
Santana Feat Sean Paul-Cry Baby Cry-XViD-2006-neo007
Bob Dylan & The Band Wedding Song
古巨基 星戰
Nate Dogg Bag O'Weed
陳綺貞 嫉妒
Younha Yume no Tsuzuki (Album Version)
artist Scorpions - Still Loving You
Big brother Big Brother VIP
T.I. T.I. - Live In The Sky ft Jamie Foxx
Soundtrack BuckCherry / Anything Anything (I'll Give You)
陳綺貞 温室花朵
Canyon Mansion On The Mountain
陳綺貞 就算全世界與我為敵
Reflection Eternal Too Late
Gyroscope Fire Away
Human Nature Don't Cry
Quang_Vinh Mien_Cat_Trang
周丽淇 可惜他有女朋友
Héctor Lavoe Soy Vagabundo
The Toy Dolls Deirdre's A Slag
I Belong To You Hillsong
Dave Dobbyn Be Mine Tonight
Reflection Eternal Memories Live
Shrek 2 Soundtrack Accidently In Love--Maroon
Reflection Eternal Africa Dream
LSG(featuring LL Curious (Album Version)
Reflection Eternal Down For The Count
Narnia 02-Living Water
Joe Budden Round The Way Girl