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Queen 11. Bring back that Leroy Brown
Queen 12. She makes me
Queen 13. In the lap of the gods. Revisited
Queen 1. Death on two legs
Queen 2. Lazing on a sunday afternoon
Queen 3. I'm in love with my car
Queen 4. You're my best friend
Queen 5. '39
Queen 6. Sweet lady
Queen 7. Seaside rendezvous
Queen 8. The prophets song
Don Omar Soy quien te proboca
Queen 9. Love of my life
Queen 10. Good company
Mixmaster Mo Let Me Clear My Throat (remix)
Automatic LoveLetter Just Keep Breathing
Juli Juli - Tage wie dieser
Queen 1. Tie your mother down
Queen 2. You take my breath away
Queen 3. Long away
Queen 4. The millionaire Waltz
Rakin Y Ken- y De que vale
Queen 5. You and I
Queen 6. Somebody to love
Queen 7. White man
Queen 8. Good old fashioned lover boy
Queen 9. Drowse
Manhattan Rossz vagyok
Sétima Legiăo por quem năo esqueci
Queen 1. We will Rock you
Indochine Les 7 Jours de Pekin
Queen 2. We are the champions
Queen 3. Sheer heart attack
Queen 4. All dead all dead
Innocence Mission Umbrella
Queen 5. Spread your wings
Queen 7. Get down make love
Queen 8. Sleeping on the sidewalk
Queen 9. Who needs you
Şebnem Ferah - 10 Mart 2007 15 Oyunun Sonu
Queen 10. It's late
Cradle of Filth Midian - 08 - Her Ghost In The Fog
Queen 11. My melancholy blues
Go Go 7188 Mugendai
Queen 1. Mustapha
Queen 2. Fat bottomed girls
Queen 3. Jealousy
Queen 4. Bicycle race
Queen 5. If you cant't beat them
Queen 6. Let me entertain you
Queen 7. Dead on time
Stunt Raindrops (DST-7 Remix)
Queen 8. In only seven days
Queen 9. Dreamers ball
Queen 10. Fun it
03 Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne - Skater Boy
Queen 11. Leaving home ain't easy
Queen 13. More of that jazz
Robie wilians Angel
julio sosa solterona
Pogues Once Upon A Time
Christmas Songs Christina Aguilera
Rihanna MIX
João Pedro Pais Perdido
Queen 2. Let me entertain you
Queen 3. Death on two legs
Queen 4. Killer Queen
Queen 5. Biclycle race
Queen 6. I'm in love with my car
Queen 8. You're my best friend
Queen 9. Now I'm here
Queen 10. Dreamers ball
Queen 11. Love of my life
Queen 12. '39
Queen 13. Keep yourself alive
Various Righteous Brothers - Unchained
Queen 14. Don't stop me now
Queen 15. Spread your wings
Queen 16. Brighton rock
Queen 17. Bohemian rhapsody
Queen 18. Tie your mother down
Queen 19. Sheer heart attak
Queen 20. We will rock you
Queen 21. We are the champions
hector y don omar de niña a mujer
Veinte/Veinte Te perdí
Sinevenia Rocanrol
Burning Brides To Kill A Swan
HIM Join Me (Razorblade Remix)
pop in english All stars
Strachy Na Lachy Walka Jakuba z Aniołem
Frank Boeijen Welkom In Utopia II
Shaggy & Samantha Cole Luv Me, Luv Me
Lil Wayne My House Girl
Gran combo Las Hojas blancas
Tuan Hung Roi Mai Thuc Giac (Tuong Van)
Christmas Songs George Strait
Strachy na Lachy (slowa - Jacek Kaczmarski) Szklana Góra
Şebnem Ferah - 10 Mart 2007 16 Yağmurlar
julio voltio tu eres mi bombo
Red hott chillie peppers the zephyr song
U.N.K.L.E. feat. Gavin Clark Broken
Strachy na Lachy Szklana góra (bonus)
Şebnem Ferah - 10 Mart 2007 17 Deli Kızım Uyan
Celine Dion The Prayer (with Andrea Bocelli)
Patricio Rey Y Sus Redonditos de Ricota La Parabellum Del Psicopata
14 Jacques Brel
Cradle of Filth - Nymph 14 - Nymphetamine (Fix)
סטאלוס ואורן חן אני מת עלייך
ברי סחרוף 03 - ימים לבנים - צליל מכוון - ברי סחרוף
Jay Chou 半岛铁盒
Jack Jersey Devil In Disquise
Michael W. Smith Child In Manger
Rocio Durcal Y Juan Gabriel Dejame y vete ya
Peter Brown Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me
The Backstreet boys THE PERFECT FAN
Quang Vinh & Lương Bích Hữu Vẽ trái tim
B.J. Thomas What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Ocean Colour Scene I Love You
AC Milan Inno Milan2
Blade II I Against I - Massive Attack / Mos Def
Ost.รักแห่งสยาม กันและกัน ( Live ) / พิช
pop in english Scare tissues
Lola Ray I Will Make You Mine
Lola Ray This House
Sinevenia Reviento