MC Eiht Niggaz That Kill (Endolude) Lyrics

We in the m____fuckin' house
Eihthype in the m____fuckin' house, n____
Half Ounce
We in the m____fuckin' house, uh
n____s On The Run in the m____fuckin' house
Lil' Hawk & Bird in the m____fuckin' house
My n____ Ric Roc in this b____
C.M.W. back in the house for the 9-4

We in it to win, m_________er, it's do or die
Don't f___ around with Eihthype, it's suicide, n____
How'd you figure we hold the trigger and let you slide?
Murder raps like I step, we hit when we hoo-ride
You knows that, when we rep, homeboy, I thought you knew
Caps get peeled when we chill, it's the West Side, fool
Like a dope fiend I steal to your f___in' jaw
Left connects, then I switch to the southpaw
You gets the boom ping ping
Listen to yo' m_________in' cranium crane
And as you fall down you see the barrel of my gat
You get a chill
For f___in' around with n____z that kill

Uh geah
We in the m_________in house
For the 9-4, n____
Killin'em off
n____s that kill, uh
Buck buck, n____
You gets f___ed by n____s that kill
We pack that m____fuckin' steel
n____z that kill, geah
Mc Eiht is a n____ that kill
My n____ Slip is a n____ that kill
Boom Bam and Chill is n____z that kill
Lil' Hawk & Bird quick to grab the steel, n____s that kill
My n____ Ric with the bomb, a n____ that kill
And n____s from Compton, n____s from Compton
You know how n____ from Compton do it
n____z that kill
Buck buck
Buck buck
You gets f___ed by n____z that kill

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