MC Eiht Compton Cyco Lyrics

in da m____fucking house for da '94 beeitch
Kill'em all off, ya know what i'm sayin'

n____z backdafuckup of da compton thug
When i'm chrome off da m____fuckin' chronic hood n____
1 mo m____fuckin' hit
lips get split, fake this s___
Never gave a f___ about a hoodrat b____
clownin' in da trey with da 3-wheel snitch
so stay da f___ back, you know it's like that
come strapped with da "K", what can I say
leave youre a__ sceared like dana dane
nightmare's we comming appears
it don't stop till'a tick tock
around the clock, electric shock
is what I send 2 n____z brain
specialicin' in cauzing pain
better yet I put fools to sleep
like funkadelic i'm n2deep
the compton cyco

(the m____fucking compton cyco) yeah, eh (4x)

guess who's back from da westside
killin' m____fuckaz, yeah right
can't dill when the get starts to spittin'
compton ain't bullshitin'
run yo a__ like a sceary cat
??? can you f___ with that
I throw da westside out the f___in' window
strapped in my lapped as i puff on the indo
commin' from da m____fuckin' compton-gang
n____z on the run got the extra gunz
droppin' the gangsta s___ that you never heard
call up my n____z, lil' hawking bird
now we deep as a m____fuck
hoodrat b____es prepare to suck
and don't be talkin' that s___ cauze we pump
lay in yo a__ than we dump'em
and b____es gank for yo' ritches
don't give a f___ bout non of yo b____es
the compton cyco

yeah, the compton cyco
n____z on the run
lil' hawking bird in da m____fuckin' houze
and this is how we do this s___ for da 94, yeah
mc-eiht, dj slip, half oz.
yo take me the f___ outta here

compton n____, yeah
compton n____, yeah
compton fool, yeah
n____z on the run

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