Califa Thugs This Is For The Riderz Feat Mr. Sancho & OG & Spanish Fly & Royal T & Silencer Lyrics

Mr. Sancho]
This is for the riders for the south siders
The ones that get by the f___in police when they find us
Rollin deep through your streets
Don't give a f___ if you're bringin heat
Close your windows lock your doors
Cause it's Sancho who you'll meet
b____, made look rich with those fake a__ t__s
But do some thing with those zits
Cause I don't like all of it
Ain't it a trip
These b____es love suckin this d___
I stick in their a__ and penetrate their c___
Viscious when it comes to luscious p____
All these b____es wanna f___in do me
Haters always out there tryin to fool me
But then again they did nothin to me
Oh we, this is the stelo
Bringin the heat
Burnin your a__ down like a tree
Cause enemigas wanna see
All of the drama that I be
Eh, ese ese stop f___in around ese
Stompin ya on the ground
Puttin it down for the 619

[Chorus: Royal T]
This is for the riderz [riders]
You know
This is for the Low Profilerz [Low Profilerz]
Riderz [riderz]
You know
This is for the Low Profilerz [Low Profilerz]

Thugged out bald head
The Silencer is creepin out of the coffin
Once again so f___ a friend ese
You see in the streets of California
There's no f___in around
When you see me come around
You better stay in town
This is it homie
I put it down for San Diego
All the homies got a 40
And I grot the bow and arrows
One the 6-2 cruise the Avenue
All the b____es yell my name
When I'm on the Avenue
What's up now can't you see I'm in the mix
With a fine hiena with the big ol t__s
This is life in SD and this is how it goes
All the hienas wanna see The Silencer at car shows
6-1-9 is the place to be
Makin money all day and I kick it with my G's
Smoke the Mary Jane to relax my mind
And I reminise of the crazy times


["OG" Spanish Fly a.k.a. Maniac]
It's Maniac on a track with Califa Thugs [Whoa Whoa]
We on hit with a clip give a f___ who shows love [You know]
Cause I'm rollin down the m________in block [The block]
Dodgin the haters c___ blockers and the cops
And a vato like me's gonna show no remoarse
When I grab this microphone
A pistol grip and f___ a horse
I ain't trippin off a b____
They ain't trippin off me
I just do what I gotta do
Make music for the streets
Keepin it gangsta all the time
With a sick minded mentality and a rhyme
With a pen and a paper
Tape in the deck
Watch me drop s___
Like a babies off s__
See my pocket's fat
Like bags of stress
Tossin up my s___
Screamin f___ the rest
So don't trip cause you hear me b__pin
Rollin down Highland
With this track forever dumpin


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