MessiaH Leave You In Dismay Lyrics

I can't explain what it's like
Out in the streets, there lurks a FRIGHT
A nuclear spill, that brings on DISEASE
I'm a mutated form, I'm no longer ME
What shall become, of the future of the WORLD?
The after effect will steal my SOUL
Living so close, there is no ESCAPE
The only way out, is put me in my GRAVE!!!

I try to live this way, but it's only getting worse
Tell me now, is this what I deserve?
To live life this way, for something I haven't done
Don't you think that you should be the ones?

To live out this life, full of, agony and PAIN,
The after effect, shall be the SAME
Living so close, there is no escape.
The only way out, is put us in our GRAVES!!!

And leave you in dismay
Put me in my grave!

It's time to settle the score,
Finally it's declared


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