Murs and Slug Breaker Down Like a Shotgun Lyrics

Do it with me Sean, come on

[Murs & Slug]
Girl let me break you down like a shotgun

Not the Crip gang
Grab you by your hips sayin'
Pull you towards me
Kind of softly
But do it hard until you screaming "Get off me!"
But I won't stop, until you go pop
o_____ have you screaming out your throat box
Now your legs shake, potty vibrate
Cause I'm swinging this d___ like a primate
Now she irate, cause I won't stay
I got 56 shows I got to go play
She saying no way, she got to cut her off
Then I see her backstage sucking Lucky off?!
What the f___ Sean, where'd I go wrong?
Should've kept it dark-skinned with no blondes
But these white girls, they got a__ too
Still a sucker for a broad with some tattoos
So I had to, man I'm so silly
Excerising now a little p____ won't kill me
Rephrase that, cause I stay strapped
Nowadays you never know where the (A's?) at

[Hook: Slug & Murs]
A piece of me will always be inside of you
You're so sweet I'm gonna keep my eye on you
Come with me let me show you what I like to do
Girl let me break you down like a shotgun 2X

Girl take your clothes off, its getting hot in hurr
Sign on the door k___, it says do not disturb
What, you looking at me like I'm bullshitting
Lose the thong and move around now so I can see the full kitten
Meow and purr while I seek out your curves
Take a hold of your controls and re-route the earth
This kid'll make you feel as fit as a fiddle
and treat every inch of your body like an invisible nipple
I know the pieces that need attention, relieve you of your weapons
Get undressed and dive deep into the estrogen
Feeling apprehension is unacceptable
I keep you comfortable enough to love your s__ual festival
Let me put you on a pedestal, in bed I get medical
Excercise breathe control, cause everything is edible
What, you ain't never felt a tounge there?
Remove your underwear and tell your friends that nobody compares
Who's the new mack, I only spit true facts
Probably ain't the best but I bet I'm the best you've had
It's all fun now that the sun's down
Come around girl help me break the shotgun down now


Down a__ b____es from Winsconsin (Winsconsin!)
Never did give her this johnson (johnson!)
But I really wish I did cause she looked that good
Talking in my top 10 man I put that on the hood

Round two shotgun clean and re-c___ed
Teach some simple sign language to your g-spot
Locked, stock, and two smoking cigarettes
But first let me finish with some c___oris stimulant

I got this punk rock chick with these tattooed hands
She dresses kind of wierd, she a Atmosphere fan
Says she love Seven, never been with the Legend
So I took her to my room and layed her down for a blessing
Session was impression, open to suggestion
Had to kick her out because she ask to many questions
"Whats Ant like?", "What's Slug's favorite movie?"
Shot my load in her mouth and screamed "f___ you Lucy"

Bedroom, backseats, park bench, motels
So much heaven I know I'm going to hell
I said "Oh Lordy, I've been so dirty, so naughty"
She looked me up and down and said "Don't worry, you go shorty"
Call me the gardener
I take care of the yard spending hours on the bushes and the flowers
f___ shaving it, I like your little rainforest
Makes me want to write a million songs with the same chorus


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