Chris Bad weather Lyrics

A: I never should have moved to Tampa Bay. It's boiling here! I wish I had air-conditioning.
B: I don't mind the heat, but I can't take the humidity, it's too much!
A: Yeah, it so stuffy. At least if it were sunny we could do something fun, like go to the beach. But all day it's been threatening to rain.
B: Yeah those black clouds to the west don't look good. There'll probably be a thunder shower
A: Oh great, my dog hates thunder - she just hides under the bed and won't come out until it's
B: Ha, my sister's the same way.
A: I just can't get used to this kind of weather.
B: Maybe you should move back to Toronto.
A: I doubt it. They just had a freak blizzard last week. Didn't you hear about it? They got a
foot of snow. The weather up there is so unpredictable, I can't stand it.
[insert crackle of thunder]
B: Did you hear that?
A: Yeah, I saw the lightning flash too. It's not far off, we'd better get inside.

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