cire Together We Will End This All Lyrics

I lived for hopeless dreams..
Could not afford to see anything at all,
just those walls that threatened *everyday* to swallow me alive..
And I would rather be washed away than be confined,
while this gushes over me.

This nauseating truth has taken hold of me,
and it's too much to excuse as just some sick anomoly...
And every face I see starts to look asleep, and blend in to the walls.
Alone we might have hope, but together, we'll end this all.

Hiding again... Now I'm homesick for a place I've never been.
I saw you there in a dream, but woke to find this mess.
How could we let ourselves get taken in like this... and watch this blow away?


A few bombs or bad weather... We can end the world together.
Solar or nuclear... We can end the world right here.
One nutcase, one lever... We can end the world forever.
We can if we want to. Our god will come for us soon.
He would have wanted us too.

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