Scrubs Cast w Cox's Rant Lyrics

Patti: Dr. c__, I'm not crazy!
Dr. c__: Am I still singing?
Patti: Singing like a bird

J.D: Dr. c__, huge news!
I pulled some strings and got the parking spot right behind yours!
b__per buddies!

Dr. c__: Still, you're not ne-he-hearly as bad as her
Do you know how much you annoy me?
The answer is a lot
Should I list the reasons why?
Well, I don't see why not

It's your hair, your nose, your chinless face You always need a hug
Not to mention all the manly appletinis that you chug
That you think I am your mentor just continues to perplex
And, oh my God, stop telling me when you have nerdy s__!

J.D: Oh, by the way, last time Kim was in town, we got some appletinis and poured 'em on her good parts!

Dr. c__: See now, Newbie, that's the thing you do that drives me up a tree
'Cause no matter how I rant at you, you never let me be!
So I'm stuck with all your daydreaming, your wish to be my son
It makes me suicidal and I'm not the only one
No, I'm not the only one

Janitor: It all started with a penny in the door
There was a hatred I had never felt before
So now I'll make him pay, each and every day
Until that moussed-haired little

Dr. c__: So now that is why I call you names like Carol, Jane, and Sue
Like Moesha, Kim, and Lillian, Suzanne and Betty-Lou
See, regardless of the names I pick, my feelings are quite clear
You're a pain in every day of every month of every year!

Patti: Dr. c__, you gotta help me, 'cause I really am distressed!
Can't you find another option, won't you run another test?

Dr. c__: If you want some kind of favor, really any kind of favor
Please just get me peace and quiet from this God-forsaken pest!

J.D: I think what my b__per-buddy is trying to say...
Patti: Shut your cake-hole, Mary-Beth, or I swear to God I'll shut it soon!
Dr. c__: Congratulations, we'll schedule your test this afternoon

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