Joe Budden Rest In Peace Lyrics

[Intro: Joe Budden]
Chea, GC, Rest In Peace
Mojo, Rest In Peace
Champ gon' Rest In Peace
Little Reg gone Rest In Peace
Slick Senior, you gon Rest In Peace
Keith gon' Rest In Peace

I need all y'all to Rest In Peace
To all my n____z Rest In Peace
(Repeat x2)

[Verse: Joe Budden]
I know my dead homies watching upon us
But uh, I aint gotta know a n____ to mourn
See a real n____ crying it's torture
Get the candles and the drinks
We gon' have our own wake on the corner
You could just vision
All of the memories
Hennesy guzzling and you buggin
Cuz you was just with him
God called for his son it was time
You gotta have peace with the Lord
Wish you it's on just one last time

Some think that nothin about it is good
He got what every n____ dreams of, he's out of the hood
So why we all sit in the hood cryin liquer
He's in heaven laughing like "look at my n____z"
They all sobbing, them tears aint stopping
God throw em a sign and let them know I'm still watching
Time passes and things get poppin
Like "He woulda wanted, if he was here that woulda been his option"
It's back to old times as if he just popped in
You had to take somebody Jesus not him
All my real n____z put a lighter in the air
There's a fighter in the air
That cloud right there
And I know my time is coming like everybody elses
(But) But by then I hope that everybody felt this
Always that one hateful n____ make it seem like everybody's jealous
Somebody here don't like me breathin
I know somebody here's tryna spite me steamin
Spite how I ride these Sprees and dap me
Goin to projects, at the end of the night I'm leavin
One of my old mans has now burnt out
Mic off me, never know how things turn out
Cuz even your close friends'll steal ya
Come to think of it, I could be real cool with my po-tential killer
That's called taking the bitter with the sweet
The skip with the verse
The gift with the curse
Somebody wants to see the kid in a hearse
But I'll die for this rap s___, clips will disperse
Kill for this rap s___, it gets reversed
Murder you lethal (So)
So don't watch if the convertable bleeds you
Take your pick with the clips
How you want it, reversible or see-through?
I be another locked dog in the fort
And another wake on the corner will be all my fault
Another body inside the Caddy
That'll make my Moms right cuz I'll be in jail just like Daddy
Daddy come home, something aint right
I think the Lord bout to call 'pon Uncle Mike
Mike got high and he wasn't too strong
Doc said he got cancer and it wouldn't be long
Said in another six months he'll be gone
Pops still play that one gospel song every morn'
Stopped gettin high so it's no more pipe
And they found medicine that'll extend his life
Years past and, Mike's still here he's not hurt
Gospel song every morn it's funny how God works
Wait! He's got the disease, he's different again
He's starting to get sick and s___'s missing again
Now that monthly cheque he's spending again
g______ Uncle Mike is sniffing again
Dad, Mike sprung
And God put the cancer in his lungs like
f___ that cure you had a choice
Disease is so cunning when you trippin' high
You can't throw away the gift of life
n____ you take it or leave it
n____ play it to keep it
n____ safe retreated
Cuz if the Lord come take it you heed it
No funeral homes, not for you
And I don't really wanna visit in the hospital
Don't wanna see you like that cuz I'mma be too scared
I'd rather meet my own demise and meet you There
God I can't make pretend
At least take me first so I aint gotta see you take my friends
Some things I can't even figure, like why you have to take him for?
Come on God answer me n____
Another tatoo, another name sprayed on the back window of the car for a month
Another family shattered, in tears
Another night on my knees with a new name added to my prayers
All the things we still feelin
Cuz on a nice day when the sky's clear I'm gon' see y'all staring
Extend your arm, take this pound
To all my lost soldiers in the booth with me while I lay this down

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