Anomaly Disforic Agony Lyrics

I see your state before your death
Your disembovelment, Your inner pain
And the endless agony will obsess all souls
When the sky flames up, there'll start a b_____ rain
And christian graves will burn in flames of hate

s_____ic orgies will open wounds in humans' hearts
All will choke with their own blood
Legions of sonlless bodies will rise,
Which have been waiting for this hour so long
Fallen angels will come down in the Earth
Bringing new suffering to the mankind

Death, pain is reality
Goodness, love-fallen feelings
Darkness and evil - a new world,
Soaked with endless hate and power of blood

Then everyone will try to create their own fate
That's endless passion and wish to love
Without knowing about a terrible pain,
Without any reasons to hate,
But hatred rises - that's the all of well
And illusion turns into reality - like howl of demons

Gods od darkness will devastate cities of sun,
Mixing goodness with burning pain
Gloomy views will scratch your eyes out
Death will be a bliss all doomed,
It will for ever destroy all bodies and souls

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