Armory Faith In Steel Lyrics

music: Chad Fisher, Joe Kurland

Summon the fire of ages
Quest for the power we ride
Into the dark, the blackness of night
Test of our valor and pride

Sent by the call of the wind
Justice is ours to command
Serving the will of the gods
Immortal with sword in hand

We are redeemers of truth
Vengeance is ours to uphold
Wrought in the flames of the past
Guarded by the righteous and bold

Stronger in heart we have come
All knowing the power we feel
Enter the kingdom of fate
We are the defenders of steel

Burning the ground
To show us the way
All rise on this judgment day
Freedom is calling
Forever we are defending the king
And the crown with steel
Faith in steel

"Honor and courage are the ideals of your
quest. Noble knights, fight for truth, for
our kingdom may not carry on. Evil lurks
beyond the horizon, but your faith in steel
will secure your king's destiny...Ride fast!"

Solo: Joe & Chad/Joe & Chad

A new age shall be reborn
And the chained shall be free
We have seen enough agony
It's time to fly into the skies of your dreams...

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