Armory Riding The Cosmic Winds Lyrics

music: Chad Fisher, Joe Kurland

I have journeyed light years from home
Defending the galaxy
Injustice enslaving my mind
We must face the enemy

Fighting in worlds so strange
Landscapes of fire and ice
Cosmos of terror beware
Unite or we all pay the price

Reach for the light on your way to the sun
Fight for the honor, let justice be done
No turning back, we are storming the winds
On this endless night

The end is near
Now wait for the sky to reveal
Your sacred ride to follow
Gaze through the storm
You will see
The cosmic winds are calling me

Blood, fire, hell is here
Fear the evil race
Give me strength to carry on

The fury of planets collide
The wormholes will trap us in time
On wings that will carry me through
And stars that will serve as my guide

Dimensions of s___e-time I ride
Living on the edge of death
Traveling at light speeds so fast
Hold on to every last breath

Solo: Chad

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