The Presidents of the United States of America Back Porch Lyrics

happy with no teeth
happy here in hibernation
slurpin' on a peach
starin' at the situation
kitty at my foot
meowin' out a conversation
rockin' back 'n' forth
that's my only destination

[begin chorus]
old man on the back porch old man on the back porch
old man on the back porch and that old man is me
old man on the back porch old man on the back porch
old man on the back porch and that
[end chorus]

meeeeeeeee ow wow wow wow

got a two string on my lap
total subsonic vacation
got chicken on the drums
poundin' out a perfect prescription
got twenty little worms
all plug into amplification
got fifteen hundred bass drum luggin' bug eyed monkeys
all arriving at the station


me me meeeee ow whoa whoa whoa

(chris and dave's part sung at the same time improvised)

i'm sittin' on the back porch kickin' my legs back rockin in my rockin'chair just sittin' there
on the little back porch it's about to fall apart
so i think i might repair it just as i'm thinkin about repairin' it
some little friends come along with some two string one string
no string guitars hey chris wanna jam and they plug
them all into the back porch and they sit around playing all their favorite songs
and kickin back feelin' real good real fine real full of the wine
and everything's fine everything's beautiful everything's great
and i just feel so good you know i'm seventy years old and
i'm slurpin' everything through a straw

i'm sittin' here on the back porch just eatin' chocolate pudding
through a straw
and i heated it up on a little sterno stove
tastes just like a warm body fluid goin' down
little players comin' 'round
pluggin' in their instruments
feelin' good about themselves
singin' original songs
by the original masters
and i'm sittin' there on the porch rockin' back 'n' forth in my little old chair

but i'm an

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