Triptii First Born Lyrics

My very first born will be a product of the sun..
His shadow will reflect an image
slowly blinding everyone
Becoming everything he deserves,
and everything he passions
Bringing real love, without expecting a reaction
True compassion
For love, life, and art
I know his mind and his heart
will never be apart
I'll give him all of my visions
To build up and learn
We're already in hell if our independence is burned
We get one life
Surrounded by Drugs and p___ography
If you decide to rise
Separate from Hipocracy
Just look inside of me
Determine what is good
Squash more beef than a vegetarian would
What do you wanna be? How -
Are you gonna survive?
Life will turn into a b____
aint that right Jekyl 'n Hide?
So approach with sunlight
Eliminate the storms
I will be your best friend
You will be my first born. (come on)

I will be your eyes
When the road is brighter
I will be your strength
When you are struggling, yeah
So open up your heart,
I got a lot to offer
We are one - You know i'll love you..
'Til i die...
Woah, Woah, Woah

(Verse 2 performed by Plus Tax)

Born my first -
understand that this land is sand
stand secure to ensure you dont sink unplanned
lend a hand to a__ist resist demands of detest
confess in times of distress caress the notion of progress
emotions may cause commotion careless interference
to devotion not a notion strictly based on appearance
accept appologies offered logical and on location
it is proper to posess pain, anger and frustration
strange how we change at the sudden sight of death
why live life in vein freightened holding you breath
there is so much to be kept so much love to spread
you know dreams can go much further than your visions in bed
may you decline what i said my arms still extend wide
create you own path instead our hearts still coencide
takin precautions to provide until the day that I die
let the blood flow inside and forever enjoy the ride...


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