Magnetic North Magnetic North - Drift Away Lyrics



Gimme that beat boys, gimme that flow
Let me live within the rhythm, let me free my soul, and drift away
Give me that beat boys, give me that flow
Let me live within the rhythm, let me free my soul

Let me drift away, reminiscing the days I miss
listening to hits played on 92 and 106,
sitting in my room, hearing the tunes, of 2pac,
bone and biggy be blaring from my puny boom box

From the crossroads, to juicy, to life goes on,
I used to rock, the fugees, the old skool songs.
like regulate, my favorite from warren and nate,
I was always saving up all my money so I can blow it on tapes.

Cuz after school, I would walk straight to the record shop,
and walk through every section stopping at hip hop.
just ta find a song to buy to bring back home, so
I can sing along, when I feel lonesome.

That's what I did just to pass the time.
I was a, young kid, but the sound was sublime.
Cuz the music, I always found, to be therapeutic.
looking back at my life now, I know how, I got through it.


Growing up, I was social but, never was the type to open up
So my closest friends were never close enough
I suppose to them I was emotionless...
So, my headphones were my constant companions
Around my neck they were constantly hanging
And late at night when I'm haunted by phantoms
The songs I would jam would subconsciously ban them
And d___
And peace
Is what hip hop had brought me
Strumming my pain like it was "Killing Me Softly"
Killing me, but what a way to die
Overdosed on flows, comatose on rhymes
And I
Wanna drift away
Staying conscious enough just to hit replay, okay...


Gimme the b-boys, the freestyle shows, I wanna get lost in that hip hop soul

Direct & T:
C'mon mister DJ, don't let me down now
Take me away from today with surround sound
And drown out all the noise from the outside
World while I curl up and close both my brown eyes
And cool down, let me sink the song
Believing every lyric as I lip synch along
See it talks to me, it whispers in rhymes
Relating life stories that ain't too different than mine
So gimme that beat boys, and free my soul
I wanna get lost if it's possible
Cuz these songs ease my thoughts and let my herat sleep
While the bassdrum replaces my heartbeat


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