Stemm Down Lyrics

Day after day it's the same

Tired of playin these games

Reaching out for something true

Questioning all that I do

Gotta get back gotta get back

Neva be the same cause I cover my tracks

The name of the game feelin the pain

Look into my eyes and you'll see no pain

Giving it right back to you

Everything you put me through

I can't breath/will some one save me

Suffocate/my body's weaking

I can't breath/get out before its too late (chorus)

You know it's pulling me down

Why do I feel so alone

So close yet so far from home

One thing I know I believe

All wounds heal after they bleed

Seein this through seein this through

Your comin down on me well I'm comin down on you

Neva look away Neva look away

Cause once I see you slip your outta my way

Understand one thing I say

Never let this get away from me


You know it's pullin me down (4x)

You know it's pullin me down

Down down down

You know it's pullin me down

Down down down

Neva give up Neva give up

Neva turn a way cause I'll be f___in you up (2x)

The two vrs. (Hip-hop parts)


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