Willie Nelson Country Willie Lyrics

You called me Country Willie
The night you walked away
With the one who promised you a life of joy
You thought my life too simple
And yours was much too gay
To spend it living with a country boy

I'm writing you this letter
I write you every day
I hope that you've received the ones before
But I've heard not one word from you
But every day I pray
That you will not forget your country boy

While you're living in the city
With riches round your door
Is this your love, is this your kind of joy
Or do you find there's something missing
Does your heart cry out for more
And do you sometimes miss your country boy

[ Piano ]

A cottage in the country
With roses round the door
Could not compete with flashing city lights
But it's all I have to offer
Except for one thing more
A heart so filled with love that it could die

Well it's time to end this letter
The light of dawn is near
A lonely night has passed but there'll be more
Just one more thing in closing
For all the world to hear
Come home, I love you. signed, your country boy

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