The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack The Prophecy Lyrics

Quetis Ilfirimain:
Corma turien te
Corma tuvien
Corma tultien te
Huines se nutien.
Tercáno Nuruva.
Tuvien Corma tultien te
Huinesse nutien
Corma turien te Corma.

Kweh-tees Eel-fear-ee-mine
Kore-mah too-ree-enn tay
Kore-mah too-vee-enn
Kore-mah tool-tee-enn
Hoo-ee-nays say noo-tee-enn
Tare-KAH-noh noo-ROO-vah
Too-vee-enn Kore-mah tool-tee-enn tay
Hoo-een-ess-ay noo-tee-enn
Kore-mah too-ree-enn tay Kore-mah.

It speaks to those who were not born to die:
[One] Ring to rule them [all]
[One] Ring to find [them]
[One] Ring to bring them [all]
[And] in the Darkness bind them
[The] Herald of Death
To find [One] Ring, to bring them [all]
[And] in the Darkness bind them
[One] Ring to rule them [all], [One] Ring

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